How to decide where to apply?

I’m not sure I’m even qualified to be writing about this at the moment because I’m still not sure where I’m going to be applying. I do have certain parameters though, which should help make it a little easier.

  1. I am only going to apply to 4 schools, based on the assumption that if I don’t get in this year, I’ll have several options left to apply in the next year.
  2. I have no illusions about my competency as a candidate. The top 5 are immediately out and honestly, I’m not too bothered about that. The only school I would love to attend is Stanford, because I feel like Wharton is too finance-y for my taste and Harvard is too stuffy. But my chances of going to space are less astronomical than me ever getting accepted to Stanford even after a year or twenty, so I have that going for me.
  3. I want to apply to schools that have a good placement record in the consulting industry, since that’s where I’d like to land up.
  4. I have this vague idea in my head of travelling across Europe sipping little cups of cappuccino with a dreamy Italian serenading me, while getting an MBA of course. I do want to put in at least 1 (if not 2) European schools in the mix. Traditionally, they attract an older set of students so I’m not sure how feasible this would be. IESE and Said require that students have a minimum work experience of two years, and I would be pushing that pretty close.
  5. I want warm weather, interspersed with good cold weather. I can’t do gloomy all year round, I would just get depressed. I don’t mind California type sunny weather but it’s too Indian for my liking.
  6. I can’t imagine living in the southern belt of the States, nuh uh no way. East or West coast for me. I’m also a city girl. The great outdoors are nice and all, but do I want to live in the middle of it? Nope. Nothing in the boondocks.
  7. I would like to be a part of a bigger class. Bigger the class, bigger the friend pool and the more likely I am to actually meet people I like. Also, would love it if there was a significant international representation and a younger crowd of people.

Ummm, yeah. So these are just thoughts I have at the moment, so they’re not set in stone. I’ll probably get into it in more detail after I’ve had a chat with my consultant. Also, yes I did decide to go with a consultant to help with the admissions process. I figured I could use all the help I could get.



6 thoughts on “How to decide where to apply?

  1. So I absolutely love reading your blog already, you are so personable and down to earth. I am also a girl (yay vaginas lol), a young applicant, and striving for a 10-20 range school so i think we definitely have similar mindsets on goals and expectations. Not too long ago, I actually posted an article with advice for young applicants if you haven’t read it already. Great advice.

    Best of luck to you and i look forward to reading more posts!!


    1. Ahhh, thank you. I loved reading your blog too, except I was just skulking around haha. Yes, we sound like we are pretty much in the same boat and that’s actually a huge relief knowing there’s someone going through the same stuff!

      And no, I think I missed that one so I’m going to look for it now. Best of luck to you too! Can’t wait to see how this all works out.


  2. Hi.. if you don’t mind.. Can you please give me the contact number of your admissions consultant? I’m an Indian female with ismilar background and I need all the help I can get on my profile! Also, if you give me a ballpark figure of the fee he charges, I can move around some finances! Being a fresher with a low paying job sucks! lol!! 🙂
    If you’re not interested in sharing publicly, pleaseeeee send me an email on .. Pretty pleeeease?! 🙂
    I couldn’t find your email address.


  3. Hello,

    I’ve been reading your blog for inspiration. You mentioned in this post that you don’t want to live in the middle of nowhere… Why are you planning to applying to Cornell Johnson? I went to Cornell for undergrad and I can confirm that there is not much there around campus.


    1. Hi Brandon! First off, thanks for reading. Okay, so this post was at the very initial stages of my planning process and I guess I was just thinking out loud then. Since then, I’ve changed my short term goal (it’s not consulting any more) and I also realized after speaking to several people that I’d like to be a part of a smaller, more intimate class.

      As for location wise, wellll quite honestly everyone I spoke to said good things about Ithaca! Since I’m across the world at the moment, I haven’t been able to do any campus visits so everything I know is gleaned from the internet and/or current/past students. Now that you tell me otherwise, I guess I should be a little concerned haha!

      But really when it comes down to it, location is probably lower down on my rung for choosing a school. If everything else was amazing, I would go to a school in the middle of nowhere. I’ve applied to two schools already and now I have to pick two schools from Johnson, Darden and Tuck. I’ve been holding off on that, so anything you can add to what the environment at Cornell is like would be super helpful!


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