Switching up schools

It’s official. I’m removing Darden from my list of schools and putting Fuqua into the mix instead. Darden did tick a lot of boxes for me, but as good as it is for consulting, I don’t want to put myself under an undue amount of stress and pressure. I’m not saying that an MBA should be a breeze, but I don’t want to spend all of my time cooped up indoors. As an engineering grad with a 9+ GPA, I’ve spent enough time with my nose stuck to a book. I want to have enough time to really explore the campus, get involved in all the activities a school has to offer and meet a ton of different people.

This means I’m now applying to:

  1. Yale R1
  2. Tuck Early Action
  3. Johnson R1
  4. Fuqua R1

I guess that means my scientific analysis was a little skewed. But I guess I would have to change a few entries in that to get a better picture of schools that fit me best. Darden wouldn’t score as much in the ‘Fit’ section and Fuqua would get some points there. Durham, NC isn’t that bad after all. Also with Fuqua, I will have an alumni referral and Team Fuqua seems to be pretty big on that. Hopefully that helps because I really love the sound of the program and the bond that students seem to have even decades after graduating. I guess it really helps to talk to someone from the program face to face rather than over email!


7 thoughts on “Switching up schools

  1. I’m in for Fuqua as well!! Solid list you have there.

    And that’s great you got that feedback about Darden early on in the app process so you can switch gears smoothly rather than feel like you wasted too much time


  2. I just read about your blog on accepted.com . I am also a desi engineering grad currently working at MBB in the US after a masters. Applying to B school now. Was heartening to read your story. All the very best!

    It is going to be an uphill climb for me given that I am Indian Male and also competing with the MBB pool!


    1. Hey Midwest target! That’s awesome, I’m sure you’ll be a very competitive candidate because getting into the MBB is no mean feat. I’m sure you have enough to differentiate yourself. Thanks for commenting and all the very best to you. Keep us posted!


  3. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I’m happy to hear that you’ve gotten pretty engaged with the current students at Fuqua.

    Your approach with focusing on the organizational culture and fit is one that will ensure not only your success during the MBA but later on as well.

    Best of luck with R1 at Fuqua and your other choices. The one thing I will say is that 1st year (Fall 2 especially) at Fuqua can still be pretty rough. Just a little FYI.


    1. Thanks Steven, I hope I’m making the right decision. I just have a very good gut feeling for Fuqua at the moment. I don’t know what it is about the school, but I just know I want to go there.

      Ahhhh, yes! I think that’s a given when it comes to the 1st year at most business schools but I guess I’ve just heard about this is in a more positive connotation at Fuqua, whereas at Darden for example it just sounds like blood, sweat and tears!


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