GMAT done, dusted and cancelled. 700 (49Q, 38V)

So I guess the title says it all. I knew the Quant section went well, wasn’t too sure about the Verbal but yeah, clearly didn’t go as expected! I’m not too disappointed because I knew this was a long shot. It would have been nice to be applying with a higher GMAT but now that it’s done, I guess I’ll just focus on the other parts of the application! I cancelled the score right away and didn’t report them, so my 710 still stands.

In other news, I’m travelling for about a week! It’s gonna be a welcome break from the GMAT insanity. Hopefully this will give me the time I need to clear my head and kill my essays. After I come back it’s gonna be an avalanche of deadlines so I’ll need all the rest I can get!

Happy holidays everyone!


8 thoughts on “GMAT done, dusted and cancelled. 700 (49Q, 38V)

  1. I’m sorry that you scored less than your previous score. Nonetheless, i feel even 700 a great score for a person who taking GMAT for 1st time.

    Anyways, you can apply for R2 with your previous score and see how it comes up :).

    All the best. And happy holidays :)!!


  2. Hey . . .I guess some test-day anxiety may have played a role. You’ll be fine if you execute the rest of the application properly. 710 is not a bad score at all. Keep your head up and stay positive. Fingers crossed, you will get into B-School.


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