Booth – Ding #1

So it’s official, my first ding of Round 2 from Booth. Unfortunately, it was what I considered my best application so now I’m a little apprehensive about the fate of my other three applications. I’m not too disappointed because I knew it was a long shot but I had to try. My presentation was good, I have no doubt about that but I think my lack of work experience was what held me back along with an average-ish GMAT score. For any other school, I don’t think this would matter but this is the Top 5 we’re talking about. I’ve also been thinking about my plans if Round 2 doesn’t work this time around… more on that later!

Congratulations to everyone invited to interview! I hope to be in that enviable position soon.

13 thoughts on “Booth – Ding #1

  1. Ohhh.. Sorry that you didnot get it from Booth,. Its hard to believe when you get no reply from where you submitted your best app. But still you have chances in other and they no less popular schools. I hope you get all other invites. Wish you luck!


  2. The battle is lost but the war may still be won – you only need one school to accept you after all!

    Sorry for the bad news, but this process can feel quite random sometimes and it’s best not to overanalyse too much until you get all the results.

    Fingers crossed for you at Anderson, Kellogg and Tepper! 😉

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  3. Did they actually contact you saying that they won’t be considering your application for this year ? or are you assuming its a ding as you didn’t hear from them ?


    1. So Booth releases a decision for everyone by decision day, which was the 4th this time and it was an official ding. I’m just assuming the reasons for the ding, although I have no real way of knowing! But it’s a ding for sure.


  4. Aaah.. Well, on the brighter side, 3 awesome schools left. 🙂 I don’t think I need to tell you to be positive! You are a bundle of optimism!
    And if nothing, then you can kick some major Start-up ass this year and apply to Stanford next season 😉


  5. So sorry! But you still have 3 applications open. Time to focus on those 3.

    It must be hard after a ding not to start questioning yourself, and thinking you might not get admitted to any school. Okay, that is a possibility, but it always was, and a ding does not change anything about the other schools. In the end, it is hard to get admitted to every MBA right? 🙂

    Best of luck!!


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