Waitlisted at UCLA Anderson!

So when I didn’t receive a phone call yesterday, I thought it was pretty much over for me. Since I was expecting a ding, I wasn’t heartbroken about it. I went on with my day, went out for a fancy dinner to celebrate my failure and then went to bed with a huge sigh of relief because the whole waiting game was over.

But it wasn’t. I received a mail this morning asking me to check my application portal and there it was. Waitlisted.

If there is one thing I’m absolutely terrible at, it’s waiting. I am all about instant gratification and I am the least patient person I know. This for me, is the equivalent of a death sentence. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a little. It’s great that I wasn’t rejected outright. Being waitlisted means there is still a chance I could get in but in my mind, it’s just postponing the inevitable. That doesn’t mean I’m going to take it lying down though.

There’s a lot of good advice about being waitlisted that is floating around the interwebz, so I’m going to take full advantage of that. If anyone reading has any ideas/suggestions about how to get off the waitlist and what kind of updates to send, please let me know. Despite all the complaining, I am happy that Anderson is giving me an opportunity to strengthen my case. It is such an amazing school, full of the most amazing people, so I’m going to make the most of it.

14 thoughts on “Waitlisted at UCLA Anderson!

  1. Hey hey! I remember that feeling when I was Waitlisted at Wharton. I wrote a post about my Waitlist strategy which might be helpful.

    Feel free to ping me for encouragement and sharing the burden! 😉

    Good things come to those who wait, so they say!

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    1. Exactly! Did Anderson ever move you off the waitlist or did you withdraw completely? I think if they decide to take you off the waitlist, they can do that any time between now and their result deadline for Round 3 which is June 3rd.

      I checked last year and I saw one person get in on April 16th or so and a few in May. I think they even went all the way upto August for some people since Anderson has a late start in September anyway. It’s pretty much a guessing game!


      1. They have not really. I just let them know that as an international candidate, I need to know their decision soon. Otherwise, even in the off chance that I am admitted, I won’t be able to get my visa in time. Yeah, I am considering R1 but I’m not sure yet!


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