Fuqua – Invited to Interview!

AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! *insert girly squeal here*

So I’ve scheduled my interview for the 15th which happens to be a Wednesday. That gives me a decent amount of time to prepare I think. It’s going to be an interview with an alumnus and Duke interviews do have a reputation of being friendly and easygoing, much like the school itself! It’s going to be a blind interview so the interviewer will only have access to my resume. I’ve started preparing and it mainly involves going over every inch of my resume and reading endless interview reports on Accepted and Clear Admit.

I’m trying to focus on getting the FIT exactly right and showing how Fuqua is my number one choice. I also need to emphasise on the aspects of my work that involve collaboration and leadership. I’ll be sure to have a detailed report up here once my interview is done. I’m not stressed really, just intensely hoping that it goes well. I want to step out of there knowing I’ve got this in the bag: a girl can dream!

I’ll keep you posted.


29 thoughts on “Fuqua – Invited to Interview!

    1. Thank youuu! AH, your positive thoughts and good feelings travelled all the way to me. You are sucha doll. Wait, isn’t your GMAT tomorrow?! Best of luck! I’m sending a lot of love and good wishes and positive energy your way xxx Let me know how it goes!


      1. It’s not too far off! Will be taking a few tests to gauge my readiness. I am dyinnnnggg! 😦 I just want this test out of my hair.

        All the very best for your interview, I am sure you will bowl them over! :*


      2. You’re gonna kill it love! I’m sure of it. Besides, you have a month off yes? So you can take all the time you need. Make sure you de-stress though! You want to have a clear head when you do finally take the test 😀 Don’t overhype it in your mind, I know I did that the first time.


      3. Yes, I will make a conscious decision to de-stress! I tend to get too tangled up in a web of second guessing myself.
        Thanks for the encouragement. 😀

        Keep us posted on the interview, champ!! 😀


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